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Fortress Foundations
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We do everything under the ground!!!

Poured Walls Retaining Walls Excavation Demolition
Waterproofing Brickface Walls Community retaining project Sewer Drain Excavation 2 Building Demolition


Simply put, Fortress Foundations can handle any residential or commercial building work from the ground under. Here are a list of services that we provide.

  • Excavation: “ We can dig as little as a foot and go as deep as China”
    – Site Work
    – Retaining Wall
    – Grade Work
  • Site Work:
     – Sewer Taps
    – Land Development
    – Utilities, etc…
  • Footings:
    – Basement Footings
    – Spread Footings
    – Trench Footings
  • Foundation Walls “Concrete Poured Walls”:
    - Aluminum forms offered in Smooth and Brickface surfaces
    – Aluminum formed 4′ poured walls
    – Aluminum formed 8′ poured walls
    – Aluminum formed 9′ poured walls
    – Aluminum formed 10′ poured walls
    – Aluminum formed 20′ poured walls
    * other combination of form configuration to achieve other unlisted heights 
  • Concrete Pumping:
    – No place is out of reach with the right equipment…
    *Concrete pumping has many advantages over traditional placement; easier placement for labors that can aid in preventing injury, faster placement time that reduces labor time, most times can reach over or around work site obstacles.
  • Demolition:
    – We can safely take down as fast as you put it up
    – Help arrange for the removal of the debris
  • Damp Proofing & Waterproofing:

From a little additions on an existing house to a large commercial job that requires time and labor, Fortress Foundations has what it takes to complete your next project.