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State of the Art - 32 meter Schwing Pump Truck

Concrete Pumping versus traditional concrete pouring allows for less water in the concrete mix to be needed. What does this mean to you?

If only one gallon of water is added to a yard of 3000 PSI concrete mix:

  • The compressive strength is reduced.
  • The amount of overall concrete used is increased.
  • The shrinkage potential (cracking) is increased.
  • The possibility of moisture penetration is increased.
  • The freeze-thaw resistance is reduced. Scaling is increased.

Concrete Pumping allows for the most efficient, accurate, and strongest concrete finished product overall.  Contact Us today to learn more.

Concrete Pump Trucks

For over 10 years, Fortress Foundations has been servicing Southeast Michigan with quality concrete foundation services. We are proud to now offer concrete pumping services with the same great service and quality our customers have come to expect from us.

Our concrete pump trucks offer a professional and efficient placement of concrete.  Although concrete trucks are not required on every project there are still many jobs that have limited site access where a concrete pump truck is the perfect solution.

Have a question or want to rent our pump trucks?  Contact Us

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